About Us

Our goal is to provide unique and individual care to all children. We will ensure that your children are in a clean and safe environment. Planned activities for age-appropriate growth and development are always guided.

Each child is special and will always feel that way in our center. Coupled with our unique learning program, building self-esteem completes an essential part of the puzzle in your child’s success. We are firm believers that parent involvement has a very important place in each child’s development.

We provide a safe environment for children ages six weeks up to school age. Inside and out, our childcare program is designed for a  positive experience for a child and parent alike.



We believe…

…It is each individual’s responsibility to develop and utilize their gifts and abilities.
…Each child is a unique individual and should be provided the opportunity for growth and development in a safe and nurturing environment filled with stimulating activities and opportunities for exploration and expression
…Educators should work past the level of custodial care to build partnerships with families that foster a foundation of acceptance, independence, security, positive self esteem and genuine love and concern for each child.


To build each child’s character

…through a partnership with families
…while providing high quality instruction based on principles and sound proven curriculum
…in which we aid in the development of each child’s social, intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual growth
…thus making a positive contribution to our future generations and broader community.

Community Involvement

Being an active member of our communities is an important part of our philosophy.
More than just a place for childcare, we get involved in community activities and periodically open our doors to our neighbors for an evening of camaraderie.

Equal Opportunities

Small Wonders is an equal opportunity employer and educator.  We do not discriminate against students, their families, or staff members according to race, language, national origin, religion, gender or disability in our admissions policies, educational policies, employment policies or practices.