Because Our Children Are the Future

Small Wonders’ vision is simple, to be the most nurturing environment for children and the most trusted by parents.  Every day, we recommit ourselves to the future by focusing on the needs of our children through age-appropriate activities in a loving and safe setting.  If you haven’t already visited our center, please consider this an open invitation.  A personal guided tour is your best opportunity to ask questions and to see first-hand the level of service and instruction we provide our children on a daily basis.


Our educators work past the level of custodial care to bond with your child and to create lifelong friendships with families. They have the experience, expertise, and education necessary for their room’s age group.



We encourage start and end-of-day chats between you and our staff.  These open lines of communication help build acceptance, independence, and security, as well as positive self-esteem in your child.



We safeguard your child through a strict check-in/check out procedure and by securing the Center's entrances with buzz-in admittance.


There is no issue more important to parents and Small Wonders Childcare Center than the safety of the children.  On all levels, our safe and secure environment allows your child the comfort to be him or herself, thus nurturing their growth and development.



We encourage individuality and strive to teach respect, selflessness, acceptance, kindness, honesty, integrity and love for humankind. We also use positive reinforcement which encourages positive behavior at the same time discourages negative behavior. This educational discipline policy reflects our belief that teaching children a positive self-concept will help them learn their own self-control and build positive self-esteem.